‘… we are a multi-disciplinary team of ecological mavericks…’

With over 200+ years of combined knowledge and skills the Green Lab associates and our network have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing and developing solutions to some of most significant environmental challenges we face. Whatever type of project we work on, we encourage creativity, collaboration, experimentation and play, it helps us incubate ideas more effectively.

We are a nimble organisation that focuses on projects that support the mitigation against climate change whether it’s education and public awaresness programmes, innovations in our food systems or addressing waste, turning organic matter in new materials or usable products.

How can Green Lab help you?

• Design methologies for distributed Design
• Undertaking bio-material research
• Designing more efficient ecological food systems
• Developing public engagement and awareness projects
• We design and build Green Labs (Fab Labs)
  • We undertake independent research
• Developing impactful education programmes
• Developing innovations in nutrient mining
• Measuring carbon footprinting
• Early stage idea incubation & rapid prototyping

… we have worked with many organisations …

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Get in touch … whatever it is, we are looking forward to hearing from.