Green Lab at Samsung KX London: Taste of Tomorrow

‘Taste of Tomorrow’ was a content series and unique in person experience exploring the relationships betwween food, urban agriculture and future trends in how you can grow, cook and eat at home. Green Lab was commission by Exposure, to develop a hydroponic garden and provide input into the curation of the experience working with our co-presentors and Samsung UK.

The event was hosted in October 2020 at Samsung’s UK Innovation Centre in London with the musician Professor Green, Plant based chef Sara Kiyo Popawa and Founder of Green Lab, Ande Gregson.

Green Lab designed and developed a unique hydroponic garden as part of the experience to showcase how small space growing can produce a variety of crops using hydroponics, controlled environmental agriculture and mobile technologies. The hydroponic garden featured microgreens, edible flowers, peppers and a variety of herbs; crops were grown in the garden for use during filming of the content series. The hydroponic garden was accessible to all visitors with a Samsung Tab S7+ device controlling aspects of lighting, temperature, fans and LED light spectrum.

The experience also explored future trends in food including sampling organic Kombucha, mushrooms and a plethora of insect based snacks as a potential source of future proteins.

Hydroponic Garden – Highlights

Food enthusiast Professor Green hosted a live educational session during the evening to a limited audience; with the Samsung KX Connected Kitchen becoming an epicentre for culinary curious Londoners, to learn and reimagine better techniques to grow, cook and eat at home.

Connected Kitchens – Highlights

Plant-based chef, Sara Kiyo Popawa from The Food Studio, hosted demonstrations in how to transform small living spaces into urban gardens, how to grow your own produce at home, and turn this into delicious dishes.

The project raised awareness of small space growing, with the Green Lab team leading the design of a public installation using deep water culture hydroponics, Samsung digital technologies and educational material for curious urban gardeners of all ages.