Open Design & Manufacturing: Horizon 3 Year Project

Open Design & Manufacturing (OD&M) was an EU funded project that Green Lab participated as a makerspace – the project’s aim was to build a knowledge alliance between Universities, Makerspaces and Enterprises in Europe.

Our main activity was to create and support communities of practices around the Open Design & Manufacturing paradigm, making the most of openness, sharing and collaboration to create new value chains of innovation in design and manufacturing oriented to the social good.

Through inspiring international mobilities, dedicated events, project-based trainings and innovative systems of learning outcomes certification, the OD&M community was committed to creating a valuable environment of capacity-building for students, university staff, enterprises and highly creative and passionate people.

Green Lab participated with UK and European Academic partners over a period of three years to prototype, test and define new paradigms of teaching and build a model for distributed design: Our UK partner in the project was the University of Arts, London.

European participants in the project included

  • Universita Delgi Studi Firenze
  • Agenzia Lama
  • CSM Toscani
  • University of Duesto
  • University of Arts
  • Tecnalia
  • Tongji University
  • Akademia WSB
  • Fab Lab Lodz
  • P2P Foundation
  • One of many activities during the project involved Green Lab hosting a 6 week exploration project using seaweed as a future material – including responsibly harvesting bladderwrack from the coasts around the south east of the UK. Three student cohorts worked at the lab to explore design, manufacturing, material development and commercial viability of their respective design outcomes; culminating in formal crits and presentations to the OD&M UK partners.

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