Offgrid Agricultural Research Center

Located just 10km from the Mediterranean coastline our farm is our 10,000 sqm permaculture and agricultural demonstration site; nestled in the rustic Andalusian landscape you will find the beginnings of our vision for future ‘off grid’ zero carbon sustainable agriculture next to tiny village called Moclinejo.

We are running the project with a five year design plan to become a self sustaining offgrid agricultural facility, leveraging nature based systems, renewable energy sources, soil regeneration through composting and vermiculture, water conservation and production of high value low water crops. Andalusia is one of many areas in Southern designated as a water scarecity zone, and one of our core missions is to address more efficient water conservation and methods of growing to preserve the natural ecosystems. The project was founded by Andrew Gregson and Sonsoles Díaz.

Since we commencing the project in early 2020 we have

  • Outdoor kitchen facilities
  • Workshop and germination centre
  • 5m Geodesic Dome and Lab
  • Landscaping to create 12 terraces
  • 800 sqm greenhouse platform
  • 40 Olive trees and veggie garden
  • Citrus Orchard (limes, oranges, lemons)
  • Water supply (Bore well 135m depth)
  • 45,000 litres of water storage capacity onsite
  • Established partnerships with IBYDA
  • Been awarded an Innovate UK Global Feasility Grant
  • Established a Spanish NGO
  • The Green Lab Granja is one of most significant projects we have embarked on and over the next three years we intend to establish the Lab as an innovation centre in Andalusia for the local community and knowledge centre for rural farmers facing climate change.

    The Granja’s activities are informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals working towards a more sustainable planet. Find out more about our Green Lab Granja at