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The lab offers a series of workshops utilising the Material Lab and Bio Lab for individuals, groups, universities and students. Working within sustainable design we can share knowledge of how to make alternative materials from waste resources and also introduce the notion of growing materials from Bacteria and Fungi. Below are examples of the workshops we can offer as well as tailoring content to suit your needs or curriculum. Please get in touch at for more info.

Bioplastics & Biobinders

Bioplastics & Biobinders

During this workshop you will be introduced to Bioplastics and Biobinders. We will look at the various resources that can be used to make bioplastics and the recipes that have been developed for them. You will develop a number of bioplastic samples and also begin to introduce natural colourants and various waste resources in order to create a composite material. You will then be able to build on this knowledge and apply it to your own project. We will also disucss the positives and negatives of Bioplastics and the broader single use plastic problem.

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Bio Art

During this workshop you will be introduced to making art using bacteria. You will learn to make your own agar plates and how to transfer bacteria onto these to create visuals. We will work with bacteria’s including Janthinobacterium Lividum (purple), Micrococcus Luteus (yellow) and Micrococcus Roseus (orange). This workshop offers an accessible introduction to working within a bio lab environment, getting aquainted with safe practice and how to grow bacteria successfully. You will take your agar plates with you so that you can see your artwork develop over a few days.

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Natural Dyes

Natural Dyes

During this workshop you will explore a plethora of colours that can be created using natural dyes. Using both common household food waste as well as various dye plants we will create a number of dye baths for you to dye some fabric swatches in. You will come away from the workshop with a collection of samples showcasing the various colour ranges that can be achieved. We will also discuss the negative environmental impacts the current textile dying industry contributes as well as looking at innovative solutions that are currently being researched.

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Grow your own Mycelium

During this workshop you will be introduced to growing mycelium, including how to prepare and inoculate the substrate that is used for growth. We will explore various resources that can be used, from industrial waste to food waste. We will discuss mycelium’s potential as a material and how its being used across industries. We will look at how to grow mycelium into both sheet material as well as into moulded shapes. You will create a collection of samples that will showcase various growth and material structures with the samples contuinuing to grow and develop over time.

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Material & Bio Lab

Material Lab & Bio Lab tour

Our tours offer an opportunity to visit the lab to gain a deeper understanding of the research that goes on here as well as in the broader context of industry. You will see the equipment needed to carry out research and we will share our knowledge of working with Biomaterials. You will spend time in the Marerial Library, discussing the samples showcased here as well as any material projects you might be working on. We will discuss the various topics and discplines that can be utilised to design more circular systems, looking at issues surrounding sustainability in a broad and holistic context.

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Material Library

Material Library Session

The Material Library sessions are a chance to see the plethora of sustainable material samples we have on display, ask questions regarding the growing material focused industry and discuss your own material projects. The library showcases samples ranging from those still in the research phase to businesses that have scaled and are already producing materials for industry. We currently run a Material Library session once a month, find more info and book via our eventbrite. Alternatively you can book a private session as an individual or group by emailing

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