A creative laboratory for projects bringing art, design, bio-design, science and digital fabrication together.

Creative open access bio lab

The Bio Grow Lab is Green Lab’s in-house BioSafety Level 1 creative biology laboratory.
It features scientific equipment, DIY lab equipment, storage space for your projects, experiments and research and hot desking facilities.
Our aim is to create an environment for an emerging bio-circular economy to reimagine all aspects of food, waste and living systems.

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The lab will be a place for undergrad and postgrad research based projects bringing art, design, biodesign, science and digital fabrication together.
It can also serve a space for the biologist who is looking for a creative environment to experiment.
Or even someone who is interested in exploring do it yourself biology who has never had access to the facilities or support.

At Bio Grow Lab we have an ethos of working within the learn-by-doing and debate-by-making community of citizen science. This lab was made with the intention to be used to make mistakes in, to learn from and to progress in. It is an open source creative platform where biology becomes art and art becomes biology.

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  • We offer 2 membership options. Become a permanent member or pay as you go member
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  • This 2 hour induction is compulsory for all members. It's important to understand the rules and regulations of the lab as its not just your safety that is accountable for but the other members who use the space too.
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  • We'd like to get more people involved in DIY science and would like to host your community based workshops.
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